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How to Write a Dissertation Layout - The Complete Instruction

Importance of a Dissertation Layout:

The importance of a dissertation layout is of supreme measure. When a student is set to write a dissertation paper, there are many ideas bound to fly. To accommodate all of them in a single piece of writing means - the paper may appear somewhat inconsistent. A layout shall give your writing a framework, a sense of discipline and guidance.

Instruction of Writing a Dissertation Layout

  • Title Page
  • Title page acts as the cover page for your paper. It must include the topic of the dissertation, your name, program, department, university and the name of your guide.

  • Abstract
  • The abstract should be brief and within 300 words. It is the summary of your whole paper including- the main arguments, research methods, results and conclusion. It must be in a single paragraph.

  • Acknowledgement
  • As the name suggests, this part should include names of the people to whom you are thankful for assisting in your paper-writing journey.

  • Table Of Contents
  • Though in practicality, you must do this page at the final stage but in the time of arrangement, it will come next to acknowledgement. This page must include the index of headings, sections and sub-sections.

  • List Of Table And Figure
  • It depends upon whether your paper will include tables and data. If not, then including it is out of question. If yes, then ensure that your tables are simple enough to interpret.

  • Introduction
  • This portion should give out a neat and concise outline of your work comprising the main argument.

  • Main Body Part
  • This chapter must be full of evidence, analysis, argument and evaluation. There are three types of main body. If you are a humanities/social science student, then this part should be divided in to paragraphs. If you are science student, then instead of paragraphs, there shall be sections. And if you are business management student, then there will be a combination of both.

  • Conclusion
  • This portion shall be the re-instatement of your argument and your answers to that. You may need to incorporate recommendations for future study along with the topic line in here.

  • Bibliography
  • Using Harvard style or APA method, this portion will include the correct alphabetical order of your sources.

  • Appendices
  • If you have used any questionnaire, copies of letters or other notes in your paper, you should put them down here.

This is quite the basic layout of a paper. Given the conditions of your mentor and suitability of your topic, other chapters such as methodology and literature review can be added also.

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