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How To Find A Proper Sample Dissertation Proposal Methodology

Working on the principle that to write anything well you need to look at several samples before you even start writing, this is true of whether you are writing a book or writing a dissertation proposal. So let’s find some suitable samples.

As a first step, always ask your professor. It does not matter whether you are attending a classroom based course or an online course you tutor or professor may be able to help you by either providing samples of the work you are doing or by directing you to appropriate samples.

Sometimes, as students we need a few more samples to read and we can also benefit from looking at samples of work that vary in quality. This is especially good as a learning tool as not only can it help differentiate between someone else’s poor or outstanding work it helps us become more critical of our own work.

  • If you find that you professor cannot give you the direction you need the try out the next few suggestions.
  • Go to the school or college library. The Librarian may be also to help you locate some useful examples. They may also have access to other Libraries, which will maximise your range.
  • Try the Learning Support department. Specialised staff there may be able to help you find suitable samples and also help you apply or adapt them to your work.
  • Look at the availability online. Remember that you need to use and academic search engine for this (don’t use the search engine you use to find out where your favourite group are playing next). Choose your key words carefully. There are several sites that should be able to help you find a sample dissertation methodology.
  • If you find you still need a bit of help, look at academic writing sites that may have samples writing by their own writers. You will need to be very discerning here as not all the samples may be suitable in content or level.

Still staying online another useful tool is to look at some for the web-sites that have videos of tutors or professors working through examples of particular aspects such as writing dissertation proposals etc. These videos are especially useful when you need extra tuition in some of the aspects needed to produce a proposal at any level.

Above all, be selective and stay focussed.

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