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Searching For Proper Dissertation Examples Accessible For Free

There are several reasons why dissertations are only assigned to students who are working on advanced college degrees. One reason is because the papers are so long and details. The other reasons include the fact that topics are difficult to create, research is time consuming, and organization is challenging, too. The dissertation is unlike any other paper that you will write during your collegiate career, which is why it is so helpful to have examples to use. While crafting a dissertation is challenging, searching for good dissertation examples does not have to be. Here are some tips to finding free paper examples that are well-written and useful:

  • College databases. Every college that accepts dissertations for advanced degrees will have a database of finished projects. College professors might not advertise that these databases exist, but if you are a student at a university, you should have access to the papers at absolutely no cost. You can research the database for free so you can search for topic ideas and samples to use as templates. The only thing to remember is that you should never take any pieces of these papers to use as your own, or you will have trouble with accusations of plagiarism.
  • Style guide websites. Since dissertations require the use of a style guide, like MLA or APA, you should be able to find paper samples - or at least parts of it - on the style guides. They will show you how to write the bibliography pages as well as the unique parts that are required in your paper. These should all be free to use, too.
  • Collegiate writing sites. Many top colleges have writing sites that are available to students and the general public. These sites include tutorials in video and written form for students to use when they need extra writing assistance. Most of the sites are free to use and they often include samples of written projects. Since the sites are usually managed by students who are majoring in writing, the papers they use as samples are often quite well-written.
  • Blogs and general writing sites. These free sites are not as reliable as college sites and style-guide sites; but if you find the right one, you could learn more than you expect. Many bloggers and web designers enjoy offering advice to students and many will include samples of the work they have done so others can appreciate it.

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