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Expert's Guide To Writing A Strong Master's Dissertation In Geology

Dissertation theses vary among different subject areas. Different areas require different kind and manner of research, and different presentation of the findings. In that way, a geology master paper is different from the papers from other areas. Also, students want to write their dissertations in a different way than any other students regarding style of writing and presenting. However, one thing is the same for every master paper, it serves to develop and improve students’ practices as scholars.

Here are several tips that will help you with your geology master paper.

  • Time management – First of all, you have to be realistic. Calculate your time in order to have a plan to follow. Make a rough plan for all the research, since geology requires collecting a lot of data. Set realistic goals, talk to your supervisor and set time frame you expect your work to be finished.
  • Do not spare your supervisor – Supervisors are there to supervise and help you. Therefore, you have to talk with him. Do not be afraid if they criticize you a lot. This is your first paper, but it is not the same for them. Accept criticism as guidance to improve your work. Supervisors do not have too much time, and be prepared in advance with your questions and dilemmas. However, you have to realize that you are not alone, but you can not ask your supervisor everything, because it is your work and you have to deal with some aspects of it on your own.
  • Use all resources you have - For a geology dissertation, you need to do fieldwork and field examination. There is a variety of techniques to combine, remote sensing, numerical modeling, as well as work in a laboratory, working on samples. Use everything you have accessible and available. However, sometimes the resources you have access to, are not free and they also need other students, so you have to be ready to find external resources, as well.
  • You can’t include everything in your work – Even though you collected a lot of data and you want to include everything, you have to cut some material and stick within the boundaries of the topic. Also, there is always word limit that you shouldn’t exceed. This would mean leaving some of your work behind, but that would teach you more about editing.

When you finish your dissertation, be proud of yourself. That is not something that everyone can do. Your success is a result of your patience and talent. You are ready for the next challenge!

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