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The Key to Coming up with Interesting Accounting Dissertation Topics

Your dissertation will likely be the hardest paper that you will be expected to write. It is not like a research paper where you compile some information and make generalizations about it. It is designed to have the writer draw a new conclusion. You are required to add to the knowledge pool. Therefore, these topic ideas are very general in nature. It wouldn’t be helpful to give specific topic ideas, because if a student gets their dissertation published on a specific topic, you won’t be able to use this idea anyways.

Accounting is the processing, measuring, and communicating of financial information. It is designed to measure the businesses success. When you are asked to write a dissertation on the subject, you can write about any of these topics.

  1. Green Accounting Policy
  2. A lot of additional funds are used to make sure that the company recycles. Decide whether or not these expenses should be disclosed in the financial reports or if they should be included with the other expenses. With the extensive push towards becoming more environmentally aware, it is a good topic to find information to support.

  3. Analysis of industry
  4. You can chose to write about an influential industry in your areas. By doing an audit on the financial performance of the industry would be a great idea for your dissertation. You can access the present market position of the major companies in the industry, the current market environment itself, the future market environment potential, and how it can enhance its presence.

  5. Intellectual Capital
  6. Should companies have to account for the intellectual capital that their company possesses? If a company employs individuals who have the potential to make a lot of money because of their intellect and the ideas that they bring to the company, it may be helpful to be able to record this type of information in the financial statements. If the company is able to promote its employees as assets. It may be hard to quantify their worth but needless to say it is an interesting topic to talk about.

These are three solid topics that you can write your dissertation on. You can narrow them down once you start your research and develop a concise topic idea to write about. They are interesting ideas to start out with that will surely get you started on the right track.

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