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How To Pick Up Dissertation Topics In Anthropology: Tips And Examples

Anthropology is a broad field of humans where you have to be very specific while selecting the topics. Have a focused approach and look for interesting subject matters that can act as a tool to begin your research work. You need to compose a bibliography and identify the sources of research.

Focus on following aspects and they will give you a fair idea in choosing any dissertation topic -

  • Purpose of thesis: Think if the chosen topic demonstrates anthropological theory and the ethnography theory. Furthermore the topic should also cater the student’s objectives. If the student plans to pursue his PhD, the topic should act as groundwork for the research. It should be able to develop the expertise in a particular area. The topic should develop the skills using the theory while carrying the research work and analyzing the topic critically.
  • Ways to choose the topic: It should be the topic of student’s choice. The topic should be explored in the light of theory and comments should be passed critically from anthropological perspectives. The topic can also be chosen from the optional modules to explore further. If student wishes to explore any topic out of the module they are welcome.
  • The basis of research work: The research methods should be determined in consultation with the advisor. However, “desk based or library thesis”, “practical thesis” and “fieldwork based thesis” are some of the ways on which student’s thesis can be designed.
  • Timeframe of completing the thesis: Timeframe should neither be very short nor very long for completing the thesis. Students should approach a professional anthropological staff that can serve as an advisor and guide him to discuss the topic. If the topic can be categorized in different semesters, it serves the purpose well.
    • In the first semester, a coherent research proposal should be developed that facilitates the research proposal development.
    • In the second semester, progress should be made in the right direction.
    • Followed by that, students should finish their research and analyze their writing.
  • Word count of the thesis: Word count is a significant part and should cater the purpose.
  • Example of anthropological ethnographic topic: If you are writing on ethnographic topics, you should immerse yourself into cultural diversities collecting primary research data. Some topmost anthropology ethnographic topics are- “Gender differences in Kumasi village” and “Diversity in Istanbul based on religion”. Describe significant objectives and their expected outcomes, background, long term objectives, your expectations out of the research, its significance, methods used etc.

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