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10 Winning MBA Dissertation Topics In Finance

One of the most important assignments MBA students will complete is the dissertation. Studying elements of finance there are many issues you can tackle that would make a great dissertation project. Because this type of project is important in helping you establish your degree, you want to take time in developing a strong interesting topic to invest your efforts into.

How to Choose a Winning MBA Finance Dissertation Topic

A winning topic for your dissertation project will be something of interest you feel confident you can write about. Choosing a topic for a paper of this nature is critical. You will spend a considerable amount of time learning about it and you need to find something unique or different to share based on research already completed. Students find brainstorming helpful when in need of an original dissertation topic. There are other actions you can take to find a suitable topic.

There are sample dissertation papers available through online academic paper databases and homework help sites for college students. You can find papers on similar financial topics to help you get insight on what you can write about. Homework help sites and professional writing services can offer sample topic ideas and sample content you can view. Getting an idea of what to write about may include reading a variety of sources and taking notes on what you want to learn.

10 Ideas to Help You Develop Your Own Winning Dissertation

A winning paper will have a strong topic with supporting details that stand out. As you review potential ideas for your project it helps to consider information you want people to know that is important and significant. This can lead to a proper topic selection for your needs. Here are 10 ideas for a potential project to consider.

  1. How international banks process cash assets.
  2. How does society feel about using credit to obtain different things?
  3. Analyzing a credit card statement.
  4. Economic growth in China and monetary growth.
  5. Elements behind the stock market and how stocks are priced.
  6. Analysis study behind the housing sector and financing.
  7. Elements behind credit rating determination of a country.
  8. Process of an internal audit for a business or corporation.
  9. Important elements behind financial accounting including financial report structure for non-profit organization.
  10. Analyzing the Forex market.

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