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Editing A PhD Dissertation: Recommendations From A Professional

When you think about your dissertation you feel scared. You know how important this paper is for you and you don’t want to do anything that can endanger your work. The writing part took you a few months and now you have to edit the entire thing but you are not very sure how to do it. Well, here are some recommendations from a professional on how to edit your dissertation:

  • Keep your pages white and your font black. Many students make the same mistake, over and over again: they use colored pages and colored font, thinking that this will impress the professor and make their composition pop out. The truth is that this will only make you seem unprofessional and your professor will not be happy with this. Remember that this is an academic composition and not a project for kindergarten and treat it like such.
  • Build a title page. If you don’t want to make this because your professor did not ask for it specifically, then think again. It is more than logic that a project like this requires a title page and your supervisor should not tell you about every small detail. This website will tell you more about the requirements so check it out.
  • Arrange the pictures in good way. If you decided to introduce some pictures in your project you have to make sure that they look professional. First of all the photos need to be clear and representative for the subject. Under every photo you have to mention the name of the author as well as from where you took the photo. Also, make them fit in the middle of the page in good way without disturbing the text.
  • Leave 1 inch edges on every side. The text needs to be centered on the middle of the page and the space needs to be the same on every side. Otherwise it might look like you only wrote your composition on one side of the paper.
  • Use appropriate font. If the letters are too big it will be disturbing for the readers, and if the letters are too small no one will be able to read your composition comfortably. Both of these are reasons for low marks so make that you avoid them. Small things like this can make the difference between a good composition and a bad one.

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