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Searching for Unique Project Management Dissertation Ideas

If you are to write your dissertation on project management, you should seriously consider the search of the topic idea for your paper. Consult with your advisor, browse the Internet, and brainstorm all the ideas on the subject. It is advisable that your idea be unique and original, which is why make your choice in favor of the issue that is little explored. However, don’t overdo; it shouldn’t be something completely new and obscure, and at least some research should be done on the problem in question. Make your topic specific and narrow. Project management covers a lot of aspects and may be applied in completely different fields. Therefore, decide on the topic within a narrow sphere (for example, IT, construction, engineering, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies etc.), which is close and interesting to you. Moreover, you may take any company and investigate one or more project management techniques and principles on its example. The following list of topic ideas may help you come up with your own unique dissertation ideas:

  1. Agile patterns: are they effective and why do they fail?
  2. Investigate and evaluate different Agile approaches. Try to find true and unprejudiced evidence as to their effectiveness, or, support an opposed opinion.

  3. Project strategy and knowledge strategy: how do they interrelate?
  4. Search some information on the relationship of these two strategies. What factors affect them? How both of them can be used in practice?

  5. Comparison of outsourcing projects in the American and Asian IT companies.
  6. Find out about the peculiarities of outsourcing in different countries. What are the differences and similarities?

  7. Waterfall vs. Agile: why do most companies prefer the waterfall model of development?
  8. Complexity theory and its application in practice management.
  9. Which of the management prescriptions are based on complexity theory? Are they reasonable? Give examples.

  10. Critical path vs. critical chain: why do most companies choose critical path method?
  11. The role of a “risk owner” in the project success.
  12. Give a definition to the term “risk owner” in respect to different industries. What are the peculiarities of risk management? What are the ways of sharing responsibility?

  13. Development and success of a company (any of your choice.)
  14. Analyze the policy of a particular company. What are their strategies? How does the company culture influence its development?

  15. How can western management practices be successfully applied in the construction industry or any other industry) of East Asian countries?
  16. How can construction industry sector be made sustainable? What are the hidden difficulties?

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