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How To Write A Dissertation Conclusion - 7 Effective Tips

Your dissertation is a huge paper that you will write towards the end of your degree program. It is likely the most complex paper that you have written to date. A lot of the time, when you get towards your conclusion, you get so excited that you are almost done that you just throw something together. You might have been able to get away with that for other papers. It won’t work for this paper. When you are writing your dissertation conclusion, you need to do more than just restate your thesis. It has some additional purposes. Here are seven effective tips that will let you know what you should be including in the conclusion of your dissertation.

  1. Express if the project achieved its goals
  2. You have set forth to answer a research question. You need to know let your audience know if you have achieved this goal. Have you been able to answer your research question through your research?

  3. Remind your audience of the main purpose
  4. You should also make sure to restate your main point and purpose of conducting the study.

  5. Discuss the process that you went through
  6. You have told your audience about the process that you went through but now you should give them an idea of your thoughts on how it worked out.

  7. Discuss any issues that you ran into
  8. If you ran into any issues during the process, you will want to talk about it here in the conclusion.

  9. Explain the results of the research
  10. Next, you will discuss the results of your research. This is where you will discuss what you have found out in regards to your research question.

  11. Relate your finding to the real world
  12. Don’t stop there. You need to apply what you have learned to the real world and discuss what it means. How can it better your field? What does it mean for the field? Can your results make things better? Relate your findings to what it means in the real world.

  13. Summarize the paper as a whole
  14. Lastly, summarize everything that you have discussed to wrap it up and reiterate your main point one last time. You will need to make sure that you hit all of the important points to make sure that you leave your reader with the angst to want to learn more.

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