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A List of Education Thesis Topics That Will Make Your Paper Look Better

If you are writing an education thesis and you are in need of education thesis topics then consider the list below. Remember though that this list is meant only as a rudimentary list of examples that you can peruse and use as a jumping off point for selecting a topic that fits your parameters and your interests.

Finding a topic can also be done by reviewing the information from your textbooks and your class notes. Take some time to look over your lecture notes or the highlighted sections and sub sections in your textbooks. There might be topics hidden in there which you always wanted to learn more about but never had the chance. This may very well be your chance. It is a time for you to really take charge and dive into something about which you are passionate. Take some time to think over the topics that you often argue with your parents or friends. Think about which side you take and why. If you already know a bit about the topic you are going to select it is quite helpful when you set out to research the topic. The more you know the easier it will be to find the information you need to fill in the gaps and to really make progress.

So what topics are best suited for the field of education?

  • You can write about the methods by which students are assessed and whether or not they are proving beneficial or detrimental to the overall success of students and the educational system
  • You can write about the manner in which technology has been integrated into different academic levels or academic fields and how it has been helpful or a hindrance
  • You can write about the manner in which students who are second language learners are being catered to and whether or not more could be done to better assist in their assimilation. Would it be better for schools to employ more dual language teachers and take away class time from English speakers or would it be best to utilize more English language courses to help those students?
  • You can write about the education reform arguments that are currently in Congress and what measures are being taken to improve teacher relations with schools such as payment or tenure.

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