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Where to Find Proper Questionnaire Examples for a Dissertation

A questionnaire can help you collect important data for your research. If you believe that this method can help gather information for your dissertation, you should start searching for the tips that will teach you how to create a good list of questions.

There are many factors you need to consider when working on this task, like the types of questions to use, the instructions to include, etc. It is almost impossible to compile a perfect questionnaire on your first try, so you should study some examples and learn from the others’ experience.

However, before you start, you need to understand what makes a good questionnaire. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

  • The questions shouldn’t include any jargon.
  • Every question must be short and to the point.
  • The instructions must be detailed and easy to understand even for non-professionals.
  • The scales used in the questions must be provided in the factsheet.
  • The answer choices offered must anticipate any possibility.
  • The questions mustn’t be leading or emotional.
  • The questions must be presented in a logical order.

Now, when you know what to look for, you can study some of the freely available examples and choose the ones that meet your needs best. You will need to invest a bit of work into this kind of piece to turn it into a perfect sample for your research.

The best sources of such examples are:

  • The Internet.
  • Many websites offer these samples and many more offer some kinds of questionnaires you can use for inspiration.

  • Library.
  • The dissertations written by the students over the years should be stored somewhere in the library. You can find the ones with similar topics and look for the questionnaires their authors used.

  • Periodicals.
  • Many professionals publications and other periodicals often provide questionnaires of publish survey results. You can use both for your research.

Today, you might not even need to create a questionnaire on your own. There are some specialized applications that can generate it. You will only need to enter the required parameters, and your computer will do the rest.

Some of these apps can send out the completed lists of questions or post them at some popular resources and analyze the results. Using a program like this can facilitate the process of data gathering immensely. However, advanced applications of this type aren’t free, so you will need to consider your budget and decide whether the result is worth the investment.

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