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Where Can I Get a Good Example of a Dissertation Proposal?

The dissertation proposal is a document that is presented to a panel at that stage right before the writing of the dissertation begins. It is used to justify the topic you have chosen. A good proposal can help you get a topic approved that is just on the fringes of acceptability in your discipline. A bad proposal can get even the most ordinary idea rejected because it was poorly explained or your own abilities are now in question. Writing well tends to get easier the more access you have to god examples of writing. If you need an example of a dissertation proposal that you can trust, check any of the sources below:

Your professor

If the professor hasn’t already done so, ask him or her to provide a sample dissertation proposal. This should be the first place you look because some colleges have very specific rules for these documents that cannot be located via any other means. Individual professors have also been known to have subtle quirks in their grading methods. By seeing what they think a good proposal looks like you get more insight into how they think.

Past graduates

People who have handed in dissertation proposals to your course before you can tell you many important things about the process. Ask to see their dissertations and make note of any aspects of them that confuse you. The answers they give to your questions can help you make better choices in writing your own proposal.

The entire internet

A good web search will almost always yield results. You may need to sift carefully through those results to find usable dissertation proposal samples but it’s sometimes worth the effort. You may find the work of far superior students to yourself as well as very inferior work. Being able to tell the difference will help you to get the results you seek.

Paid sites

For students who have time limits that make most of these methods impractical, writing sites will compose a unique dissertation example to your specifications. You can use this to model your own proposal after. Make sure that the site you do business with is reputable as many are not.

With dedication your search will be fruitful and you will find enough sample proposals to easily be able to create your own. By the time you finish your college experience you may no longer even need to rely on samples to help you.

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