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Instructions For Creating A Good History Dissertation Conclusion

History is an attempt at deciphering the past activities of humans using information gathered and interpreted from historical artifacts, texts and structures, it would not be wise to consider any historical fact to be completely true unless you were there yourself to witness the event. That aside, historians have made great efforts to separate fact from speculation and you should do the same in your dissertation, especially when formulating your conclusion.

Here are some points to consider to help you eradicate fiction from your paper and enable you to create a conclusion that is both hard hitting and also supported by solid evidence.

  1. Use multiple sources for information gathering
  2. The conclusion is very important in any paper as it can put the final touches on a concept that was being built in previous pages. It is very important that any conclusion be infalable and the best way to ensure this is to make certain that your data is correct. Referencing many sources can help you to eliminate any information that is inconsistent or badly translated.

  3. Analyze data carefully, preferably with assistance from a qualified peer.
  4. Data analysis plays an important role in the construction of your conclusion since it is these very results that are likely to detremine exactly what your conclsuion will be. Always seek a second and third opinion if you can, it is not uncommon for persons to make mistakes simply because they are the only ones that review their work.

  5. Carefully document every source and author used, to be included in your citations
  6. While this section is likely to come after your conclsuion, it is important that readers can verify your information, before they accept your final statement on the matter. Be sure to practice proper referencing according to the particular format style you work in.

  7. Using speculative data is unavoidable, be sure to properly identify them from proven facts.
  8. Much of what we know of history is highly speculative, most facts only vaguely supported by actual, tangible evidence. With this in mind, be sure to clearly state which points are fact and which are speculative to avoid confusion.

  9. History is written by the victor, keep this in mind.
  10. Its a common saying but there is much truth in it, the conquerors are the ones that develop societies in the conquered locations and so they are the ones that record the history. As a result, much of the finer details of certain events, would have been altered at the will of the leaders.

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