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No Time or No Skills? - Common Reasons for Students to Buy a Thesis Online

Graduate and postgraduate students have to write theses. Most of them do not know how to produce high quality work, whether they can meet the deadline, and what their supervisors will say about their papers. In other words, there are several main reasons why students feel confused and often procrastinate. They include the following:

  1. Students do not know what they should do.
  2. It may seem surprising, but the majority of masters and PhD students are confused about what to do. They receive general information and have no idea about what their supervisors want. Students avoid talking to their supervisors and turn to professional writing agencies where experienced writers know what to do, including narrowing a topic down, preparing an outline, making a literature review, writing a text, insert citations, and formatting a list of works cited.

  3. Students are short on time.
  4. If students have many other responsibilities, they may indeed fail to meet the thesis deadline. Sometimes, they have serious reasons for postponing their studies. However, it is often the case that they procrastinate too long and then simply run out of time. This is the most important reason why hundreds of students hire professional writers and get custom written theses. They even agree to cover higher costs related to fast services.

  5. They do not have enough skills.
  6. Thesis writing is the hardest kind of academic writing, so it is not surprising that students lack the knowledge and skills to complete their assignments successfully. They avoid reading manuals and guidelines, where the information about how to write a thesis step-by-step is described in detail. Instructors in academic writing centers may also help students gain the necessary skills to write their theses. Some students have low self-esteem, so they think that a professional writer will prepare a better work. However, they do not consider the fact that they will not learn anything if someone else does the entire job.

  7. They have no desire to write their papers.
  8. Obviously, many students do not like writing, reading scholarly articles, and doing research. Long-term assignments require lots of time and effort, so many of them prefer buying theses online and devote their time to doing something else. In truth, most students that have full-time jobs buy their theses online. Sometimes it makes sense, but most supervisors consider such papers as cheating, so you may be expelled from the program. Fortunately, writing agencies are aware of this, so they do their best in order to produce customized papers for their clients.

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