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Creating Unique Dissertation Topics in Educational Leadership

When it comes to writing a dissertation on any topic, it is important that the work is as original as possible. Having a good understanding of the subject makes it easier to find areas that have been written about previously, as well as developing intriguing and unique questions about the topic.

Different types of educational leadership

The field of education is wide-ranging; consequently, there is a wide variety of leadership styles and types. From head teachers at small schools for young children, to principals at high schools, through to the heads of universities, the role of leadership can differ hugely.

Some educational leaders may focus purely on the academic side of things, whilst others may need to focus on administration as well as. Furthermore, at larger institutions they may be a wider management hierarchy to help with the leadership. For example, whilst there may be one individual in charge at the very top, there may be numerous individuals leading various departments throughout the institution, too.

Styles of leadership can differ greatly, from the strict authority of a single leader, to schools and educational institutions where everyone is seen as equal, including both the staff and the students.

With such a wide ranging topic, there are many aspects to look at when it comes to education.

The impact of technology on educational leadership

With modern technology having a great impact on present day educational systems, it is possible to create a unique topic surrounding the use of computers, the Internet and a whole range of other technological advances. With a decreasing costs associated with some forms of technology in recent years, it may be possible to create a unique piece of work surrounding the effects of computers and tablets on modern day pupils.

Focusing on an original take on a pre-existing idea

Whatever the topic you choose to write about, trying to make it is as unique as possible is not as easy as it may sound. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to think of something completely brand new; instead, it is possible to devise a new take on a certain topic. Therefore, by making minor adjustments to the theme of a pre-existing dissertation, it is possible to come up with unique piece of research which may look at similar ideas to previous dissertations, but ultimately does so in a new and unique way. As long as the work is sufficiently different from an existing piece, it is possible that it can be classed as unique.

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