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4 Places Where You Can Find A Proper Dissertation Title Page Template

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you are formatting the title page for your dissertation correctly is to get your hands on a template. When you are using a template, the fonts, margins, and a variety of other little things have all been done for you so you don't have to worry about consistency throughout the paragraphs. Since a template is such an invaluable item when you are writing your dissertation, you would think that they would simply be handed out as more or less an essential tool to complete the work. However, this is not the case for most students. Now that I have you wanting one, your next question is going to be where you can get it. Here are four places that you can look to find a proper dissertation title page template:

Go straight to the source

The very first person that you should be asking is your professor. Getting a template from him or her will ensure that all the elements like fonts are exactly how they want them to be. A template is basically just an outline that needs to be filled in. Working from the template virtually guarantees that you will not leave out anything essential.

Pay a visit to the library

Librarians are all about paper, and they seem to have at least one copy of everything imaginable. Not only are they likely to have a template that you can use, there is a good chance that they have a copy of the exact one used by your professor. This may not make a big difference but if your professor prefers that you use Times New Roman instead of Georgia, that information is in the template.

The school website

It actually doesn't even have to be your own school. It will probably require a little bit of experimenting with search terms, but all universities have the template somewhere on that site. You just need to use the right combination of words to find it!

Resort to a search engine

We all know that you can find anything on the internet, and this is no exception. Simply do a search for "dissertation title page template" and you will get plenty of results. Consider the source of the result though. Look for ones that come from reputable sources such as universities, as opposed to something that you have never heard of.

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