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How To Organize A Perfect Master's Dissertation Abstract

Writing an abstract for your dissertation is a critical task for students. This is because you have to create a substantive description of your work for the audience. This is your chance to show the scope of your work and present a mini version of your paper to the examiners. They can look at the abstract and decide whether the rest of your assignment is worth reading or not. It is for you create an informative yet engaging piece so that you can catch the attention of your readers and hook them for the rest of the paper.

In order to organize a perfect abstract for your master’s dissertation, you should keep the following in your mind

  1. The abstract is a summary of your entire work which includes the thesis, and the conclusion both unlike an introduction
  2. To be able to organize a winning abstract, you have to make sure that you plan it along with the title of the thesis. You include this in emails and bibliographical references or at the announcement of your thesis exam. Most readers will decide by looking at this section whether they want to read the rest of your assignment or not
  3. An abstract is not an introduction or a preface but it is used in place of complete text when you have less time and space for the entire paper

The size and structure of the abstract

  1. If you are writing for a master’s thesis, the maximum size for your abstract should be less than or equal to 150 words
  2. Try to limit your abstract to one double spaced page for both master’s and doctoral dissertations because you do not want to sound vague or absurd
  3. The structure of the abstract is similar to the structure of the entire paper. You will represent all the major sections of your paper in the same order that they appear in the paper
  4. For each chapter and section, you should use one or two sentences to summarize and represent it. This is important to know in order to organize an effective abstract

Specifying your research question

  1. The structure of your abstract also depends upon how well you place the thesis question inside it. You have to make sure that your research question is clear and evident in your abstract
  2. Try including this question near the start of your abstract
  3. Make three major questions to the max and one to the minimum

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