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Looking for excellent dissertation topic examples available for free

It is a common thread in learning that students need to see examples. Unfortunately, when student write their dissertations, instructors usually do not provide any examples of any kind. This makes all of the stages of dissertation writing rather mysterious for graduate students and doctoral students who want to create the best project that they can. Even at the beginning stages of writing a dissertation, students need to see examples, which is why it is so important that students can find topic examples for free. Here are a few places to turn for interesting ideas about topics:

  • Dissertation databases: Your college or university should have a collection of all of the dissertations that have been submitted for approval. When you are looking for topics, you can find anything you need here. You will not see topics like health care, education, or business management, but you will find plenty of highly narrowed topics about these broad choices. As you look through the list of topics, be inspired, but do not take any as your own.
  • Dissertation blogs: Bloggers who write about dissertations will include ideas about the entire process. They will include topic ideas and links to other resources that offer examples of topics. If you find a blogger that writes in a style you enjoy, you can always email the blogger and ask for help with narrowing your topic before you commit to it.
  • Collegiate writing websites: In most cases, college writing websites are designed for students who need help writing basic essays, term papers, and other undergraduate writing projects. But, with the increase of students needing help with advanced-degree writing projects, the websites have expanded to include details on dissertations and theses. You might not find as many topic examples as you do on other site, but the college websites will help you craft your own topic in the appropriate style.

Here are a few broad ideas for dissertation topics:

  • Evaluating gender differences in teaching styles in your local schools
  • Creativity in the process of designing video games
  • Language barriers and its effects in the workplace
  • Solving a problem in your community that affects a particular group of people
  • Sustainable development in the era of plastics
  • Benefits of fluoride despite the arguments against it
  • Changes in the quality of new college students over the decades

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