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How To Brainstorm Good Dissertation Topics In Marketing

Marketing is such an interesting field, with so many possible angles for dissertation topics that you’re likely to be spoilt for choice. One great way to choose an excellent topic is to brainstorm, so read this useful guide to learn how to brainstorm brilliant topics for your marketing dissertation.

Do your research

If you need to brainstorm anything, you need to have a few seeds for ideas in your mind. A good way to plant those seeds is to do some decent research on the topic. So, before you actually start trying to come up with some excellent ideas, you need to do some research about marketing. You can search the Internet for information, as you’re bound to find some great ideas there. Alternatively, you can read some good books, magazines and journals on the subject. If you don’t have any to hand, go to your local library to find a few. The seeds of ideas need time to sprout and grow, so if at all possible, do your research a few days before you actually start trying to come up with your themes.

Choose a good spot to work

Once you’ve done a decent amount of research, and given your mind a chance to mull over the information you found, you need to find an appropriate spot to brainstorm. Try to find a beautiful, peaceful place to work, as this should improve your creativity. You can play some music softly in the background if you think it will support your ability to be creative.

Choose a good time to work

Another important point to take into account when you’re trying to brainstorm is your own state of mind. You’ll be better able to be creative if you’re relaxed and well rested, so if it’s possible, choose a time when you’re calm and well rested. Perhaps have a cup of coffee or tea before you start, as the caffeine will help you stay alert. But don’t overdo it, or else you’ll just get jittery and stressed, which will stifle your creativity.

Use cue cards

A great way to spark ideas for brainstorming is to use cue cards. So, get a few cards and write down some of the ideas and information about marketing that you learnt when you did your research. Then you can lay all the cards out and start moving them around. Some of the novel arrangements will spark excellent ideas for topics for your dissertation.

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