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Interesting Ideas To Explore In A Medieval History Dissertation

If you are assigned the task of writing a dissertation on medieval history, you probably know by now that there are thousands of different ideas and topics that you can write about. Medieval history relates to the period which was called the Middle Ages in European history. From the themes of religion, class, food, clothing and marriage there are endless ways by which you can make such a paper interesting.

Some interesting ideas to write a research paper on medieval history

  1. The rise of the Carolingian Renaissance. This would be an interesting subject to research and write about. You could look into how this period saw an increase in literacy and development in the arts. You can also go on to look into the decline of the empire which eventually ended this period of Renaissance.
  2. The High Middle Ages is another topic you can study for your dissertation. This is the period that saw a sudden rise in population. You could more specifically look into the different causes that could have resulted in this increase in population.
  3. In the scholarly vein - you could look into how this period also saw the invention of algebra and the reasons behind the Roman numerical system being replaced by the decimal positional number system. It would be interesting to study the exact process by which this change came about.
  4. In the field of architecture, the 12th century saw the rise of the Gothic style of architecture. It would be interesting to trace how it was the French builders who developed this style of buildings, but it eventually found its way to Germany. The Gothic style of architecture is now associated with Germany almost exclusively.
  5. It would also be unique to base your paper on what the modern perception of the medieval period is. The common idea about this time is that it was a period of ignorance and holding religion in high regard. It would be interesting to see how you can compare these perceptions to the reality and try and find out how many of these claims are true or false.

There are several ways you can use just one simple information about the middle ages and turn it into an entire fully researched dissertation paper. There is a wealth of information that can be used to piece together new theories or explore older ones.

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