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4 Methods to Find a Good Example of a Dissertation Abstract

The dissertation abstract is a small piece of the whole but packs a very big punch. You have approximately 250 words in which you will be explaining what will be contained in the rest of the content. Any graduate student who is not used to writing can find this a challenging assignment. Fortunately, with a little research you could find some good abstract examples.

  1. Abstract Websites. The Internet is pretty amazing and there are all kinds of websites out there. There happens to be some that are devoted to abstracts. You can find them easily with a search. In fact, you can narrow that search a little bit by indicating the subject area in which you are studying.
  2. The University Website. There are number of universities that have graduate students in mind, and provide websites that have abstract examples. What is good about this is that the university samples are formatted the way the school expects the dissertation to be shaped. It can save you a fair amount of time in the long run.
  3. The Departmental Library. Your department may have on file some work done from the past. The files may include abstracts which you can take a look at as you begin the writing.
  4. Books On Academic Writing. This can require either a trip to a library or a bookstore. Postgraduate work has created a demand for books on how to write the all-important dissertation. These will include examples of how to do the abstract. This may require a little bit more research and doing an Internet investigation, but it is a traditional way of finding what you need.

It should not take an awful lot of time to find the example you need. Please do not use it as a substitute for what you have to do. The abstract must ultimately be written by you. You should not try to lift text from another place to help you out. Also, remember the formatting rules you must follow. Your guidelines may include specific rules on how to write the abstract.

The abstract has to be interesting no matter what you are writing about. Be sure that it can capture the interest of the reader from the first few sentences. Ultimately, your work may be published in a scholarly journal. You want your peers to read the work you have done. A good abstract is going to encourage a person to turn the pages to the rest of the text.

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