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General Tips On How To Format A Master's Thesis Table Of Contents

Writing a master’s thesis is a task required by every doctoral student during their on campus. There are many styles one can use for accomplishing this task and most, if not all, of of these styles can easily be found online for your reference. Unless specified by your professor, feel free to use any of the popular ones.

When formatting your table of contents, different styles have slight variations but the general idea is the same, clarity, accuracy and ease of use. The following points will outline some general tips on how to format a Master’s thesis table of contents:

  1. Begin the page with “table of Contents”
  2. Most formats request that the title be done in italics using a slightly bigger font size. It should be placed at the top of the page and centered followed by a double space before any other text. This page must also be numbered at the top right side of the page, directly against the right margin.

  3. Separate each major section of your paper into distinct parts
  4. Your paper is sure to contain different sections, each with their own sub sections. Each of these areas must be named separately each major part with its own title page. A double spacing with the headings for each section should be included in your table of content so that each section will be clearly identifiable from others,

  5. Use subheadings for each section
  6. Sub headings must be include for each subsection contained within the major sections. These are to be written in italics and smaller sections involved in each part can begin with a slight indentation from the left margin. On pages, all sub headings must be centered, in the contents, they begin at the indentation from the left margin.

  7. Number each page using topics numbers for each chapter
  8. The table of contents page must be numbered, presumably page 1, and each page after it must be numbered following that order. The table of contents page must also be included followed by each section, subsection, chapter titles and page numbers.

  9. Double space each section
  10. Double spacing is very important on this page, it makes it quite easy to read and this must always be done. A clear font must be used, with a clearly distinguishable italics format that will be used for titles and sub headings, as well as to emphasize where necessary.

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