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Dissertation Acknowledgments: How to find an Example

A dissertation acknowledgement, is where the student gives thanks to those that helped them. It is often hard to sort out who should be included, and who can be left out, as all those that supported the student, could be acknowledged. As their help or support, helped the student through with the tough project. But there is only so much room to list these people. So how to decide who gets listed, and who does not? An example can help with making that decision, and make it a little easier.

  1. Use more than One Example
  2. School Library
  3. Online
  4. School Website

Use more than One Example

Being that there are many ways to write a dissertation acknowledgement, it is often best to look at different examples. This gives the student more to draw an idea from on how to write their own. Some people tie their acknowledgement and dedication page into one page, and list everything there. While others separate the two, and if the school will allow the joining, for some students, this might actually be easier. So use more than one example and get a better idea on what can be done.

School Library

Some schools have a Thesis Library in the College or University Library. If the student’s school does have one, this could be a good way to find a couple of good examples there, to use in designing their own acknowledgements.


There are a number of places that can be used to find examples of a dissertation acknowledgement. Using an online Dissertation Library, can help in finding examples of dissertations, and in these dissertations will be acknowledgements the student can read. Some businesses also have them, especially those that cater to student support, but others as well can have some examples. Using a search can find a good number of them across the internet. Just as well some public libraries might have some to help students.

School Website

Many school websites have material to help their students. This is even true for Colleges and Universities. In working on this article over 20 Colleges and Universities from the UK and US were found to have them. So it is very likely that there were more schools past page twelve that were listed too. It is also very likely that the school the student is going to have an example as well.

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