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5 Places Where You Can Find a Solid Dissertation Example

Completing a dissertations is one of the most difficult experiences a student will ever have to go through in their academic life. Actually, it's the last obstacle to over come in achieving the highest degree level. In order to prepare for this, the student will have already gained experience with writing many essays and many formal papers to be able to successfully pull this off.

But even with this, the dissertation isn't something that's completely inaccessible. Perhaps with payment, one would be able to see a solid example. But there are also plenty of dissertations that have been published that a student can look at to get a better idea as to what a dissertation requires.

The Institutes's Preference

Each dissertation is written by what the institute where the student is attending prefers. At the very least, they're using a format or preference that is widely accepted in academia. Meaning a format for specific font sizes, margins, citation, etc. That being said, the work will refer to those details. Starting with this first source, here are the five places where one can find a solid dissertation example:

  • The institutes's Library
  • A local library
  • Encyclopedias
  • Online public domain sources
  • Members-only digital vaults

The Institutes's Library

As mentioned, the graduate's dissertation gets published and stored within the institutes's library for future use. A lot of times the student can go through the library and access this work. There is no better solid example than the source of publication.

A Local Library

Libraries are known to also have published works. They are usually however, a lot older than recent unless they were donated. If they were widely published and have been donated than there is a better chance. Otherwise, they would also have it stored in their vaults.


If a student is looking for an solid dissertation example, encyclopedias both online and offline could provide some segment of the dissertation there. But at the very least they will provide a linear breakdown of a generic dissertation process the student can follow to get a better idea.

Online public domain sources

Publications that are no longer owned or copyright protected as they expire after a while, are generally stored in the public domain which have been added to digital archive projects that everyone can access. Since dissertations are nothing new, they can be accessed through those sites.

Members-only digital vaults

Much like the public domain, or libraries, digital vaults provide these too. But the student would have to meet certain requirements to access it as the work is protected by its institution.


Even those students who are completing dissertations to graduate for their doctorate, go through a very exhaustive process that someone would have to go through for themselves to fully understand what it is. Aside from this, there are nothing but examples to accompany the imagination of what it's like.

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