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How to Find an Experienced Thesis Writer Online: 5 Pointers to Keep in Mind

Experienced thesis writers can be found through reputable writing services. Find out whether a company allows you to choose your writer, and communicate with him or her directly. If not, it is not a dissertation service you should trust. If yes, use the opportunity to chat with your writer to check his or her experience and other crucial skills.

  1. Writing experience.
  2. Ask your writer how many academic papers he or she has completed before. The greater this number is, the better. Next, ask how many dissertations he or she wrote. A good thesis writer should have done at least one dissertation – his or her own. Ask what grades these theses received. You do not want a person who failed with his or her own dissertation to work on yours.

  3. Academic background.
  4. Ask the writer what he or she majored in. It is preferable that the writer’s academic focus be relevant to your dissertation. Ask what subjects he or she was most interested in while studying. If the writer is passionate about your dissertation subject, it is a huge plus.

  5. Style and accuracy.
  6. Ask the writer where you can view the samples of his or her previous work. Read them carefully to determine whether you like the writer’s style, and whether the piece is free of obvious mistakes. If you are not sure in your ability to assess the grammatical and factual accuracy of the writing by yourself, find a person whose judgment you trust and show the samples to him or her.

  7. Late and revision rates.
  8. A good thesis writing service should monitor the late and revision rates for each of their writers. Unless you can view this data on the website, ask the manager what your writer’s rates are. A writer with a high late rate can fail to deliver your paper timely, and a high revision rate may be a sign of negligence or inferior quality.

  9. Responsiveness.
  10. Note how fast the writer typically answers your messages. Working on a dissertation is a lengthy and complicated process. You may need to submit additional instructions to your writer, or seek his or her advice. Make sure that you can always reach him or her when you need and get a prompt response.

Using these five pointers as a checklist, you can easily select a writer who has the necessary competence and skill to do an excellent job on your thesis. Try writers on different websites until you find the one you like best.

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